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Beyond Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Andelea Estate is proud to present its unique Extra Virgin Olive Oil,
produced by century-old olive trees, groomed and harvested the antique way for over
4 generations. A true “medicine” of nature, with unparalleled
taste and most intricate bouquet.


The olive may well feel more at home in Greece than anywhere else in the world, and Greek olive oil is definitely a family affair. As a rule, families have their own olive groves here which produce the olive oil we consume each year. This tradition has remained unchanged down the ages, and it is imbued with the tender calm of a mystic rite: “the love that’s pure and caring” that leaves its tender mark on the olive oil produced. And that love is there, too, when the olive is borne into being, transferred first from the earth to the olive—which, it should be noted, is feminine in Greek, and hence the ‘mother’ of all fruit—and then from the olive to the oil which the elders then share with the younger members of the family with that same pure and caring love.


For us, the Andelea Estate—our olive grove—is where our family gets back together. And we seize every opportunity to quit the places we now live to be reunited in our ancestral home.
When we’re there, together again, we bask in the greatest emotional gift that home has bequeathed to us: the “pure love that turns into joyful care for others”. Which is an emotion we know well, and have learned to recognize by experience. In fact, when all things are said and done, that’s the core value we all subscribe to! You might even say our entire sentimental education’s based on it. This is our truth, and you can taste it in our estate-grown olive oil; in this outstanding and purely natural product whose healing powers four generations of our family can attest to; in this golden healing potion which protects and keeps us healthy when we make it the corner stone of our daily diet.

In other words, our Andelea estate oil is a great sleepless guardian of our daily well-being.
Which is to say the respect and love we nurture for our land and its nature, the unique feeling you get when you care for something out of love, the singular properties of an all-natural product that ensures our joie de vivre—these are the values we hold most dear. And now, thanks to our newly and flawlessly modernized olive press, we can rest assured that, thanks to our Andelea Estate olive oil, those values will be passed on uncompromised to everyone who cares and enjoys adding value to their everyday lives.
Which is why we dedicate our Andelea Estate olive oil to everyone who still believes in purity.


Parapougki is a little village north of Kalamata. It’s really nothing more than a dot on the map of the Peloponnese. Still, travellers who like exploring know Parapougki well, thanks to its little waterfall—a lovely natural monument to whose waters all the local nightingales flock twice a day to cool themselves. This everyday idyll underscores the most wondrous aspect of our Peloponnesian paradise, which is at its most charming in and around Parapougki. Parapougki is built in the foothills of the range that props up Mount Taygetus. Perched on the edge of the vast Kalamata plain, it’s where the cypresses, oaks and conifers mark the upper reach of the natural olive-filled basin like an eyebrow. Our village enjoys views over this sea of olives as well as the fresh air and rich soil the natural woodland that stretches up the mountainside above the village brings. It has to be said that the Andelea Estate is the most impressive olive grove in Parapougki. Its olive trees, all fine specimens of the Koroneiki variety, were all planted in 1890, so they’re over a hundred years old now. And they’re planted far apart, which has been considered the best way since antiquity, because the space gives their root systems room to develop.


Which is why our trees have grown to full size and full strength down the decades. And why their fruit—the olives from which the oil is pressed—contains the full range of nutrients and flavours derived from the composition and quality of the soil. We have never employed intensive farming and harvesting methods at the Andelea Estate. The estate was planted to provide oil for our family, whose professional concerns and ambitions never extended to tending the land. And we might never have gone on to market our oil if we hadn’t fully modernized our olive press, which allowed us to be utterly certain our product is of the highest quality. We are proud that we have always focused on maximizing the purity and quality of our oil rather than the quantity we produce. We leave our trees be, so they only produce a sizeable crop every second year, just as nature intended. For all these reasons, Andelea Estate olive oil far surpasses the requirements of its category. In fact, we consider it “Beyond Extra Virgin Olive Oil”, and it gives us great pleasure to say so.


The Andelea Estate is entirely planted with Koroneiki trees, an olive with local roots in Messinia which is considered the absolute star among the five hundred plus varieties that thrive in Greek soil. The small Koroneiki olive produces oil with low acidity and an excitingly fruity taste. However, even though the Koroneiki variety has been cultivated in Greece for over a thousand years, only recently have scientific studies begun to verify the curative qualities of its oil, which folk remedies have turned to since time immemorial for its wide-ranging anti-inflammatory effects. Modern science has also shown that the oil produced from Koroneiki olives reflect the microclimate and terroir of the region in which it was produced more intensely and clearly than other varieties. Of course, this is something we’ve long known from experience at the Andelea Estate. Because our olive grove is on a hillside and our olives grow on a slope, the rain water drains away easily and rapidly, so our trees enjoy the sort of relatively dry terrain the Koroneiki variety is said to prefer. Moreover, because Man makes no attempt to circumscribe Nature in our grove, the Andelea Estate is also a natural botanical garden in which the local self-sowing flora thrive. The estate is home to the sight and smells of the wild flowers that bloom there in every season. Stroll through the grove, and you will see wild asparagus, for instance, enjoying the natural conditions alongside our olive trees. Needless to say, all these ‘companions’ are also subtly present in the superbly balanced, intricate bouquet of our Andelea Estate oil.


At the Andelea Estate, our olives are harvested and pressed with the utmost respect for the simplicity of the time-honoured methods. But while our techniques remain profoundly traditional in their essence, the pressing stage also benefits from the precision afforded by the latest cutting-edge equipment. But let’s take things one at a time. Beginning with the harvest, we should stress that our olives are harvested entirely by hand and only when they have reached its optimal ripeness on the tree. And that we only employ the most gentle methods, to minimize damage to the delicate, oil-plump fruit. What’s more, when our olives part company from the branch, they fall not onto the soil, but onto special protective nets, from where they are transferred into sacks woven out of wholly natural materials, not the usual synthetic ones. Our olives are all taken to the press on the day they are collected and we ensure that the extraction process always takes place on the same day. We’re very strict on this last point: leave olives lying around before they’re pressed and the fruit will oxidize and produce acidic oil. Our presses use the two-phase method, and extract the oil cold at a temperature of 27o C. For those who don’t know what that means, both techniques ensure that the acidity of the olive oil produced is kept to a minimum, and that the ingredients that give the oil its curative qualities are retained.


Nutritional facts:
Andelea Estate oil stands out for its exceptionally high level of tocopherols, the primary antioxidants in olive oil. While the majority of olive oils on the market display values ranging from 125 to 300 ppm, the total tocopherol content of Andelea Estate oil was 342 ppm when OLITECN, the chemical laboratory recognized by the International Olive Council, carried out their chemical analysis in February 2013. Our oil also contains especially high overall levels of phenols which, according to a study published in 2005 in the Journal of the American College of Cardiology, are responsible for the Mediterranean diet’s ability to prevent heart disease. Click here for a complete analysis of the antioxidant and nutritional content of Andelea Estate olive oil.

Chemical profile:
According to the chemical analysis made in February 2013 by OLITECN, the chemical laboratory recognized by the International Olive Council,
the core characteristics of Andelea Estate oil are:
Acidity: <0.21%, K270: 0.149, K232: 1.581, peroxide value (meqO2/Kg): 4.2.
Click here for the official lab report in full.

Organoleptic profile:
According to the analysis made in February 2013 by the Chemical Laboratories Department of the Consumer Bureau of the Ministry of Development, Competitiveness, Infrastructure, Transportation and Networks, Andelea Estate olive oil had a Μedian fruit level of Mf = 4.1, a Μedian bitter level of Mb= 3.7, a Μedian pungent level of Mp = 4.0 and a Μedian defect level of Md = 0.
Click here for the official lab report.


Andelea Estate oil is packaged in 1 L, 500 ml and 100 ml glass bottles. The bottles are made out by Yellow Amber Glass, the special glass used by the pharmaceutical industry to protect its products from ultraviolet rays. The glass combines maximum translucence with the highest degree of protection for its contents, since it blocks over 90% of the light in the 290-450 mμ part of the spectrum. In other words, the special glass we have chosen for our Andelea Estate bottles ensures that our olive oil retains its naturally very low levels of acidity for as long as the oil remains in the bottle. Our 100 ml bottles come with a dropper to make it easier to add small quantities of oil when this is required or desired. Our 500 ml bottles are also available as gift packs in a high-quality cardboard box. Our 100 ml bottles are also available in small packs of two.


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All the dishes in the menu of the luxury hotel “Anemi” on Folegandros island
are cooked exclusively with Andelea Estate “Beyond extra virgin olive oil”.

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